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When Jackie Travels
Friday, January 5, 2018 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Hello everyone! I wanna update my blog since I'm in a good mood right now. hahaha. It seems like God redirect me in a new path. I've been dealing with a lot of things lately and I never expect this blessing that he gave to me. This will really help me to become a better and successful nurse someday in the future.

Honestly, being a nurse is kinda hard, yet, there's a rewarding feeling when you help other people. I can truly say that this year 2018, will be my year because I'm a firm believer that everything that I've been praying for will happen in God's time. :)

Anyway, I would like to share with you guys a glimpse of where I've been in a couple of months.

It was my first time to travel alone and I feel so happy and nervous. hahaha. I can't believe i was able to do it and bec of that I'm proud of myself lols. It actually made me feel that  I can do whatever I want to. Freedom feels hahha

I also went to Vietnam. Good thing I have a friend here in Saigon and I stayed on their house for almost 2 weeks. This place actually a paradise for food lovers. hahahah. It's aren't polluted cos most of the people here are using motorbikes. There are a few buses and private vehicles.

Last but not the least. I went to singapore. Yay! I considered this country like a little makati. They are also eco-friendly. I saw a lot of big trees here and amazing buildings. hhaha. I am so glad I met some people here and we tour the popular places together. 

There are more pictures on my IG account, simply click here. As of now, I'm looking forward for my next travel. I have no plans yet because I'm focusing right now on my career, which is more important. Actually, before the year ends (2017), I write down my goals in 2018. I believe I can able to accomplished all those things with hardwork, persistence, and faith in God.

My journey will be a long one, but it'll be worth it.
See you again next time! Miss you all guys!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3

Happy 8th Anniversary to my blog!
Saturday, April 1, 2017 | at | 2 Comments | Reader (s)

Hello guys! HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY TO MY BLOG here in blogspot and Happy April Fool's day as well.

Anw, I took a selfie awhile ago. Snow and Snapchat are my remedies whenever I feel sleepy. hahaha. Tbh, I haven't sleep yet and I need to pack up my things later. Gotta sort out of my stuff before going back in Manila. So this is just a short update guys! hahaha.. Have a great day!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3

Century City
Friday, March 31, 2017 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Hello everyone! My post for today is about my recent life in Makati. I used to live in Century City during my review days last year.

Milano Residences (Left)
Knightsbridge Residences (Right)

Last June 2016, I usually stay in Knightsbridge Residences whenever I am lazy to go back in Cavite. hahaha. Do you know that Knightsbridge takes its name after the most expensive neighborhood in London, Knightsbridge.

The lobby area

The elevator
I really like the interior design in this area. It's kinda unique. Like a chocolate bar haha

In this way, you can visit the other facilities of this residences

And this is the mini-library. hahaha. I really love studying here cos it's a very relaxing place where most of the people are also studying. But what I hate is that there were some people who keep on looking at us while going to the gym. It literally distract us unless you ignore them haha. One time, I was kinda busy studying my notes and some foreigners inside the library were keep on talking out loud like they are the only people inside the room. Good thing i brought my earphones hahaha. And the funny thing is that they even talked to me. lols. I'm kinda shocked  during that time, cos they found out that I am a nurse. I don't even know them.

This computer desktop can be found in the mini-lib as well. 

Yas! They also have a game room here

And this is the pool area. Only few people swim here specifically weekdays.
Maybe they were busy at work or study.

A view from above

This is what you'll actually see from our unit which is 48th floor

Sunset. It's so foggy during that time.

One of my favorite sunset 

I'm done with my review about Knightsbridge Residences. So I only stayed there for a couple of months. Then we transferred in Milano Residences, which is just beside the Knightsbridge Residences.

Milano Residences was designed by the award-winning master planning architectural firm Broadway Malyan. 

It has a 52 storeys and resonates Versace’s iconic design language rising up the entire building facade.

Versace on the floor

 Lush, fully landscaped roof and sky gardens adorn the building’s

Perspective (lobby)

I also like the library here. Such a sleepy place.
They also have a business centre but I haven't gone there cos I don't have to. haha

I was amazed seeing this place. The designs were almost the same with the parking lot.

This is the view from our unit which is 33rd flr.

There's also a private pool here. So whenever we don't wanna go to the pool area. We choose to stay here in order to have some privacy.

A view from the balcony

I prefer more the sunset view here cos I can clearly see the sun in Manila Bay.

From our balcony. We can able to witness the Makati lights. 

Sorry for this blurry shot

I only stay here for a couple of weeks last November, cos I'd rather choose to stay at home rather than dealing with all the BS happened to me. Hahaha. My life right now is kinda complicated. And as of the moment due to my upcoming exam this May, I need to stay in University Tower 2 which is located in Espana, Manila infront of University of Sto. Tomas with my friend. Finally, I'll be having a study buddy. hahaha

So that's all for today! You can also see some of them in my ig account hahaha.
Have a great day everyone. ciao!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Hello everyone! It's been a year since the last time I updated my blog. I miss all of you especially my co-bloggers and readers. ahaha, I've been sooo busy lately. A lot of unexpected things happened in my life, so whether it's bad or good. LIFE MUST GO ON. Isn't it? Haven't you guys noticed I've changed my blog url after 6 years hahaha.. that's quite long. So all my widgets feed went back to zero. ouch! BUT CHANGE IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW.

Here's the new me. hahahaha. 
As you can see I gained weight
Jackie v1. 2017

Anw, here are the two feeling pogi friends that I usually hangout during the past few months. And I feel great that they are there for me. lols. even though they are such a bullies. hahahah.. 

Actually, I haven't seen them because I went back home and stayed here for almost 3 mos. I can't believe that it'll take me for sooo long. hahahah.. Anyway, can't wait to hangout with them. I miss all our chikka with all the bs we are experiencing nowadays. Hahaha but i think no matter what happen, we should learn how to embrace it hahaha. Apart from that ,we also need to focus on our career life as a NURSE and PT. Shin and I will gonna focus in our review for our upcoming test within a few months. While Edward, is currently in US cos he's working for his upcoming licensure exam too. But then he'll gonna go back here soon. So I hope, all of us will have time even just for a day to hangout together. Hahaha

So this is just a short update about me. I will do my best to update my blog. See you soon!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3

Unexpected Lucky Day with Yohan
Friday, March 18, 2016 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Jamie and I decided to swim last Wednesday night before going back to Cavite, but we decided to delay it. hahaha. 
I really love this shot! It's kinda cute. She's wearing a bikini while I wore a rash-guard lol. 
I'm a conservative type of person and I'm not sexy at all. 

Yay! I was so happy at that time, so I told to her that "Hey, let's go to airport to meet my idol. I'll be the one who'll pay for our transport.". At first, she replied "Okay, fine!" But after we swim, she acted like 'some part of her body was quite painful. hahaha Well, I know that she was just acting and she's just testing my ego. hahaha. So before we went out in the condo, I grabbed one of the Marshmallow  that we bought yesterday. 

We arrived first??? in the NAIA 1 - departure area while waiting for other yohanatics. I feel a lil bit sad though coz I remembered the day when my guy best friend went to California. I was about to drop off in terminal 1 but he said "It's okay jackie. Just go in your review session since your nursing board exam will be 5 days to go. You need to focus. Do good and make your life better rather than this present time". I told to myself that no matter what happen I should do my best in order to pass the Nursing Licensure Examination. So that my guy best friend and other people's effort wouldn't be wasted.

So back to the topic. 
We waited 2-3 hrs for him, then tadaa finally he arrived.
This is a shot of mine. It's my first time to saw in person. I was so happy like 'omg I finally met him'. hahaha. I supposed to join before to those 5 people who will cheer/support for him in abs-cbn but the problem is that I don't have any banner so I back-out hahaha sad.

 It also my first time to give a gift to my idol. lol it's quite funny coz I gave him a marshmallow. I'm not ready,as I mentioned awhile ago. hahaha. Jamie even asked me "are you sure you're going to give that?" hahaha

Yohan with his fans.

Me and Yohan

This was our first ever picture. I hope I can able to see him again. Well, I am planning to attend his first fanmeeting this coming April. 

Goodbye baby love! See you soon. Have a safe flight.
We will miss you. Enjoy your stay in Korea!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3

Meet my Baby Love, Mr. Yohan Hwang
| at | 4 Comments | Reader (s)

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you my baby love named Yohan Hwang. He is one of the candidate for semi-finalist on ABS-CBN's reality music competition "I LOVE OPM".

I was so starstruck the first time I saw him in a commercial. I'm about to go outside that time but my world suddenly stopped and I was like "OMG! He's so cute. I love his voice" as I said with my eyes sparkling innocently. hahaha

He sang Daniel Padilla hit song  "Ako'y Sayo At Ika'y Akin". The judges called "Himig-gration Officers" gave him an 'APPROVED' rating which means he will continue his journey on the competition. 

I'm so happy  for the results. I know that he'll get an "approved" cause he really sang tagalog songs very well. I was kinda shocked bec he's also a Lasallian student. I even PMed my Korean Friend if he knows a Korean guy named Yohan Hwang. He says 'yes,' but later on we found out that  he's korean friend and the one I am talking about we're different even though they have the exact same name.
Shin were kinda shocked  when random people keep on adding him on his facebook account. Coz he's nickname we're Yohan too. HAHAAH.. This was our funny convo during that time.

 So back to the topic. Last Saturday (March 12, 2016) , my friend invited me to go in Mall of Asia but I decided to stay in condo after my IVT training.

 I'm so tired during that time but I'm still happy because I got the highest score out of 40 students during our training. I didn't expect it coz I didn't even review. Our preceptor even asked me what school I come from.  Proud to be Lasallian.

Then later on I found out in our group chat that he was in MOA. I told to myself "ohh sayang naman. Chance ko na sana eto to meet him". But it's okay, atleast I was able to watch him coz I know that he'll be there.

Yohan teased the crowd with a smooth rendition of Daniel Padilla’s Nasa Sayo Na Ang Lahatand he even gave Toni a rose. Kyaa! Lucky girl!

Anyway, here are the other videos of Yohan which are currently making waves on Youtube.

Just discovered that he covered one of my all time favorite music. 

I really love his voice. How I wish someday he sing for me. hahah

To all of my readers, please support Yohan Hwang by liking his official FACEBOOK FANPAGE, INSTAGRAMand TWITTER or simply join to our FB GROUP for more updates.

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3