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Unexpected Lucky Day with Yohan
Friday, March 18, 2016 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Jamie and I decided to swim last Wednesday night before going back to Cavite, but we decided to delay it. hahaha. 
I really love this shot! It's kinda cute. She's wearing a bikini while I wore a rash-guard lol. 
I'm a conservative type of person and I'm not sexy at all. 

Yay! I was so happy at that time, so I told to her that "Hey, let's go to airport to meet my idol. I'll be the one who'll pay for our transport.". At first, she replied "Okay, fine!" But after we swim, she acted like 'some part of her body was quite painful. hahaha Well, I know that she was just acting and she's just testing my ego. hahaha. So before we went out in the condo, I grabbed one of the Marshmallow  that we bought yesterday. 

We arrived first??? in the NAIA 1 - departure area while waiting for other yohanatics. I feel a lil bit sad though coz I remembered the day when my guy best friend went to California. I was about to drop off in terminal 1 but he said "It's okay jackie. Just go in your review session since your nursing board exam will be 5 days to go. You need to focus. Do good and make your life better rather than this present time". I told to myself that no matter what happen I should do my best in order to pass the Nursing Licensure Examination. So that my guy best friend and other people's effort wouldn't be wasted.

So back to the topic. 
We waited 2-3 hrs for him, then tadaa finally he arrived.
This is a shot of mine. It's my first time to saw in person. I was so happy like 'omg I finally met him'. hahaha. I supposed to join before to those 5 people who will cheer/support for him in abs-cbn but the problem is that I don't have any banner so I back-out hahaha sad.

 It also my first time to give a gift to my idol. lol it's quite funny coz I gave him a marshmallow. I'm not ready,as I mentioned awhile ago. hahaha. Jamie even asked me "are you sure you're going to give that?" hahaha

Yohan with his fans.

Me and Yohan

This was our first ever picture. I hope I can able to see him again. Well, I am planning to attend his first fanmeeting this coming April. 

Goodbye baby love! See you soon. Have a safe flight.
We will miss you. Enjoy your stay in Korea!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3


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