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Century City
Friday, March 31, 2017 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Hello everyone! My post for today is about my recent life in Makati. I used to live in Century City during my review days last year.

Milano Residences (Left)
Knightsbridge Residences (Right)

Last June 2016, I usually stay in Knightsbridge Residences whenever I am lazy to go back in Cavite. hahaha. Do you know that Knightsbridge takes its name after the most expensive neighborhood in London, Knightsbridge.

The lobby area

The elevator
I really like the interior design in this area. It's kinda unique. Like a chocolate bar haha

In this way, you can visit the other facilities of this residences

And this is the mini-library. hahaha. I really love studying here cos it's a very relaxing place where most of the people are also studying. But what I hate is that there were some people who keep on looking at us while going to the gym. It literally distract us unless you ignore them haha. Actually something happened before, I was kinda busy studying my notes and some foreigners inside the library were keep on talking out loud like they are the only people inside the room. Good thing i bring my earphones cos it's so hard for me to keep myself focus without any music hahaha. And here we go the funny thing happened during that time is that they even talked to me when the American guy together with the chinese guy are about to go out. lols. I'm kinda shocked  during that time, cos they found out that I am a nurse. I don't even know them. 

This computer desktop can be found in the mini-lib as well. 

Yas! They also have a game room here

And this is the pool area. Only few people swim here specifically weekdays.
Maybe they were busy at work or study.

A view from above

This is what you'll actually see from our unit which is 48th floor

Sunset. It's so foggy during that time.

One of my favorite sunset 

I'm done with my review about Knightsbridge Residences. So I only stayed there for a couple of months. Then we transferred in Milano Residences, which is just beside the Knightsbridge Residences.

Milano Residences was designed by the award-winning master planning architectural firm Broadway Malyan. 

It has a 52 storeys and resonates Versace’s iconic design language rising up the entire building facade.

Versace on the floor

 Lush, fully landscaped roof and sky gardens adorn the building’s

Perspective (lobby)

I also like the library here. Such a sleepy place.
They also have a business centre but I haven't gone there cos I don't have to. haha

I was amazed seeing this place. The designs were almost the same with the parking lot.

This is the view from our unit which is 33rd flr.

There's also a private pool here. So whenever we don't wanna go to the pool area. We choose to stay here in order to have some privacy.

A view from the balcony

I prefer more the sunset view here cos I can clearly see the sun in Manila Bay.

From our balcony. We can able to witness the Makati lights. 

Sorry for this blurry shot

I only stay here for a couple of weeks last November, cos I'd rather choose to stay at home rather than dealing with all the BS happened to me. Hahaha. My life right now is kinda complicated. And as of the moment due to my upcoming exam this May, I need to stay in University Tower 2 which is located in Espana, Manila infront of University of Sto. Tomas with my friend. Finally, I'll be having a study buddy. hahaha

So that's all for today! You can also see some of them in my ig account hahaha.
Have a great day everyone. ciao!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3


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