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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 | at | 0 Comments | Reader (s)

Hello everyone! It's been a year since the last time I updated my blog. I miss all of you especially my co-bloggers and readers. ahaha, I've been sooo busy lately. A lot of unexpected things happened in my life, so whether it's bad or good. LIFE MUST GO ON. Isn't it? Haven't you guys noticed I've changed my blog url after 6 years hahaha.. that's quite long. So all my widgets feed went back to zero. ouch! BUT CHANGE IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW.

Here's the new me. hahahaha. 
As you can see I gained weight
Jackie v1. 2017

Anw, here are the two feeling pogi friends that I usually hangout during the past few months. And I feel great that they are there for me. lols. even though they are such a bullies. hahahah.. 

Actually, I haven't seen them because I went back home and stayed here for almost 3 mos. I can't believe that it'll take me for sooo long. hahahah.. Anyway, can't wait to hangout with them. I miss all our chikka with all the bs we are experiencing nowadays. Hahaha but i think no matter what happen, we should learn how to embrace it hahaha. Apart from that ,we also need to focus on our career life as a NURSE and PT. Shin and I will gonna focus in our review for our upcoming test within a few months. While Edward, is currently in US cos he's working for his upcoming licensure exam too. But then he'll gonna go back here soon. So I hope, all of us will have time even just for a day to hangout together. Hahaha

So this is just a short update about me. I will do my best to update my blog. See you soon!

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L♥ve, miss coldheartx3


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